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Wildlife Control Service

Wildlife Control Services From an Experienced Provider

Even though they may look cute, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and armadillos can play havoc with your yard and attic. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that hogs, bobcats, coyotes and homes just aren’t a good combination. We operate an effective wildlife elimination service that will remove skunks, beavers, nutria and other pests from your property. Where possible, we try and humanely remove pigs, fox and other wildlife, freeing your property of problems without destroying the animal.

Fast Wildlife Removal is Usually Best

If there is only the odd opossum or two snuffling around in the back yard, it can be tempting to leave them be. Unfortunately, two raccoons or similar can swiftly become a family of seven or more, who will then breed to produce a rapidly growing problem. Most animals and insects are aggressive when protecting their nests, even if normally quite placid creatures. Why put your family in danger? Our team will quickly track down the offending animals and eliminate them permanently from your property.

Minimal Disruption and We Even Clean Up!

It’s not just bees, wasps or rodents, which can be a health hazard, their droppings and nests can also be sources of unpleasant diseases. Smells in the attic or noises in the attic can indicate that bats, swifts, pigeons or other birds are in the residence. We can undertake a full cleaning of your attic or other affected area after pest control, including walls, rafters and insulation. We can also perform a wildlife inspection, which means we look everywhere that pests or wildlife are likely to linger.

Wildlife Control Services for Raccoons, Snakes and More

If you suspect that your property has been taken over by unwanted wildlife, it’s time to let our professional, highly experienced team deal with the issue. Our employees have years of experience in effective removal, enabling us to deal effectively with any pest problems that you encounter from pigeons and grackles to pigs and sparrows. To find out more, call us at 281.402.1262.