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Managing Wildlife

Effective Wildlife Control and Pest Extermination

Have you noticed the signs of rodents, bats or birds in your home or outbuildings? Unexplained noise in the attic, a high number of bees or wasps in one part of your property or evidence of coyote, hog or opossum droppings can all point to unwanted visitors. Don’t ignore the problem! From rats and snakes to squirrels, raccoons and more, we can effectively exterminate pests and rid your home and garden of troublesome beaver and bobcats. With plenty of experience and a commitment to total pest elimination, we provide professional and effective solutions to a wide range of pest infestations.

Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Eradication Action Plan

We check all the likely spots where pests might take up residence, including crawl spaces, attics, roofs and decking. Pigeons, swifts and sparrows are particularly eager to nest in quiet, undisturbed areas where they can breed in peace. We foil their plans, searching diligently to detect any signs of nesting – for example smells in your attic, then getting rid of your pest problem before it has a chance to escalate.

We Clean Up Afterward!

After we’ve provided the necessary pest control, we clean the immediate area thoroughly, removing droppings and other waste materials that might cause a potential health hazard if allowed to remain. Once we’ve finished, you can use your home or garden as usual, confident that the pests and any harmful waste are gone. Our polite, discreet team will get attic restoration or cleaning of any other infested area done quickly and thoroughly. Usually one to eight visits are required to completely clear your property of fox or nutria.

Don't Delay In Calling Us

Unfortunately, time is not going to result in a reduction in pest numbers. One of the defining characteristics of squirrels, snakes, skunks and grackles are that they reproduce rapidly. If the problem isn’t tackled as soon as possible, numbers can swiftly rise, causing havoc and threatening the wellbeing of you and your family. Why risk it? Call us at  281.402.1262 to find out more or book a visit.