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Exclusive Wildlife Inspection

Our exclusive wildlife inspection of your property will ensure it is safe and free of animals and pests that are unwanted.

Prevention Tips

If there’s an opening in your home or building, you can be sure wild animals and pests will find a way in. That’s why consistent repairs and maintenance of your property is extremely important.

Emergency Service

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Mon – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturdays 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Insurance Specialist

We have experience working with insurance companies on Wildlife damage reimbursement.

What’s In Your Attic?®

Is Your Attic Under Attack?

In case you’re battling with noise in your loft, or have rats, raccoons, bats, armadillos or any undesired wildlife in your storage room, vault or on your property, the highly trained and proficient wildlife control service of Wildlife X Team is all you need.

A Leader in Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife X Team, a family owned and operated company, is a leader in nuisance wildlife control. Our professional and excellent service has propelled us into becoming a front-runner in the humane removal of undesired wildlife. We are efficient in removing squirrels, rodents, mice, rats and other wildlife from your home or business in the only acceptable way – The Humane Way!

Comprehensive Solutions

We have experience in preventive actions capable of stopping the return of animals. We are also specialist in attic rehabilitation, an essential step to take after wildlife removal. We can likewise conduct a thorough and exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report of your property – covering your roof, attic, crawlspace, foundations, decking, fireplace and surrounding structures. Our solution is guaranteed to make your home, business and property totally free of undesired visitors.

As a Christian owned company, we are committed to excellent customer service which offers cost-effective solutions to any wildlife crisis! In emergency crisis, we are capable of providing same-day service.

Insurance Specialist – We have vast experience partnering with insurance agencies on wildlife damage remuneration.

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  • “The crew came out and did a wonderful job sealing up my house and removing the raccoons. Now my house smells great!!!”

    Diana Nowlin
  • “Although kind of devastating that we had animals in our home, you boys took care of my mother and I, with alacrity and thoroughness not seen normally. Thank you Wildlife X Team.”

    William Caddell
  • “Great People! Made it out the same day for us and immediately put out cages, checked house and made sure all was in order. Very professional and friendly. Would use them again in a heartbeat.”

    Dee & Robert Harris
  • “Doug and his team did a really great job getting the house sealed up and cleaning all the attics out to remove the contamination. Doug followed up and kept us informed of what was happening. When they were done he checked to make sure there were no more problems.”

    Ron Romaner
  • “Doug did a really good job, followed up, could not get the raccoon at first but he persisited and won the day eventually. Sealed up the house so nothing could return. I am very happy with the work done, and you really can’t see where they fixed the holes.”

    Mike Stopper
  • “Professional, completed the job in a day, returned to answer questions.”

    Jacquelyn Greedon
  • “Jason was very professional, friendly, and most important knowledgeable! He found the cause of the problem quickly and had options for resolution. The problem was bigger than I thought….but I feel better knowing that the full problem will be addressed, rather than repairing it piecemeal. I would definitely recommend this company, Wildlife X Team.”

    Kelly Loudamy
  • “Hi guys. Don, wanted to tell you that you have the nicest people working for you. And I hope you will be around a long time, I may need help in the future with something else unforeseen.”

    Kelly Backus
  • “Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. The WXT organization is great. I was really shocked at the amount of the work needed, but I haven’t been the best at maintaining my home. You guys fixed what was needed to secure my home. I can’t believe how fast Jorge and his crew were doing the repairs, and Doug knew pretty much everything about the animals. I really want to pass along my appreciation to your organization, and see if I could get some information about your franchising opportunities I looked at on your website.”

    Richard Haas
  • “I just wanted to give a huge hug to the guys from Wildlife X Team. I couldn’t sleep worrying about the noises in my attic at night. I called and Jason came out the next day and told me that raccoons were living in my attic. I am alone now, and I have never been in my attic, but Jason showed me the pictures of my attic and it was disgusting. I wanted it done fast, so they showed up the next day and fixed it all. I can’t tell you guys how great you are, you really put my mind at ease.”

    Bethany Witherspoon
  • “I want to thank all the people concerned with my repairs, I haven’t heard anything for days now, and the smell is totally gone. I wish there were more companies like yours; honest, dependable and very accommodating (sorry about the rescheduling). I will recommend your company to anyone in need of cleaning and home repair.”

    Tom Bahl

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